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we are still buying items which will be on offer soon, via this website. we continue to  offer a range of services, including probate, house clearances and valuations. Here are some details.


Probate is normally carried out on deceased estates where 'Her Majesties Revenue & Customs' demand a valuation. Rolfey provides an official and legal valuation of the contents of a property. This figure is then used by the taxman, often through a solicitor, to work out any liability. Rolfey charges a flat fee of £100 for this service.

House clearances

This service is needed when the ownership of a property changes. This can be for numerous reasons such as moving overseas, divorce or death. Rolfey will value the contents of a property, deducting the associated costs of clearance, collection of goods and tipping of items which have no value. A fair and reasonable quotation will take into account all of these factors. The quotation is valid for three months but, once instructed, clearance can take place within seven days if necessary.


This service is offered to anyone who needs to replace or repair an item - or items - of value within the home. It is also useful for people who inherit objects if they want to get them valued and added to their contents' insurance, or sell them for a fair price. The fee for this service varies depending on the circumstances.


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